Is a store in MARTINS FERRY, OHIO that sells fireplaces

In 12/09 we bought a DESA brand fireplace/blower/mantle off the showroom floor at Fireplaces 'N Fixins (FNF) for an advertised discounted price of $1,605.  When our building contractor had trouble installing it, it took 4 calls over 6 months before FNF came out to troubleshoot it.

Marty Morrison, the owner, arrived 10/19/10 & diagnosed that the blower was the wrong size.  He said couldn't get a replacement because DESA was no longer in business.  We expressed displeasure with his position that we should use the fireplace without a blower - so he agreed to refund the difference between the service call & the value of the blower - which that day he put at $250 (he later asserted it was only worth $135).

He also told us that same day that his store never carried DESA brand fireplaces, and he began to relay an interesting story about how he came into possession of our fireplace in the first place.  He said another customer purchased it from Lowes or Tractor Supply but then wasn't happy with it and then rather than return it to where he bought it, the customer brought it to FNF where Marty took it in on consignment when the customer purchased a new one from FNF. 

Marty was apparently unaware his salesman pitched the fireplace to us in 12/09 by telling us it was discounted because FNF had ordered it based on a customer's measurements, only to find it stuck out several inches into said customer's doorway.  The salesman told us FNF placed a new order for the customer and put the mis-measured one up for discounted sale in the showroom.

As it turns out, we have since learned that DESA, the manufacturer of our fireplace went out of business a full year before Fireplaces 'N Fixins ever sold it to us

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